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Glover Auction & Livestock, LLC is a family owned and operated auction company located in the heart of southwest Oklahoma specializing in farm/ranch supplies, equipment, estates, & livestock. With over 60 years of experience passed down through three generations of auctioneers, no auction is too big or small. No matter what kind or type of Agricultural items you are looking to buy or sell we have you covered.

Here at Glover Auction & Livestock we take pride in bringing you the best livestock in the nation. The kind and type of cattle we offer are young bred heifers, cows, pairs, and bulls. All cattle that we sell are of the age of five years and younger. We feel that producers want to utilize good young cows that are in the prime of their lives and can be turned out and see a profit before they are hauled back to the sale barn. As the cattle are worked, we worm and vaccinate all of the stock so that you as the producer can take them home, stamp your brand on them, possibly tag them, and you don’t have to worry about whether they have had all of their currant vaccinations. As we sort through the cattle, we place big emphasis on conformation and disposition. We want both our buyers and sellers to be happy with their stock when they buy or sell with us.

Merely six decades ago my grandfather and grandmother, Earl & Suzanne Glover started on a quest which was passed down to my father, Oscar Glover, aunt Suenell Breeze, and onto myself as the third generation of auctioneers. Over this time, my fore fathers as well as myself have created a vast, yet loyal following of auction comers that continue to come to our auctions. No matter what type of implement, piece of machinery, livestock, or whatever else you may have that you are considering replacing, updating, or just ready to part with, give us a call and we will get it advertised and in front of our customers as soon as possible. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!!



  • Great people!!! They work hard at getting things done right!!!Jeff Sheive
  • Great local crew! Auctioned some high quality AI’d cattle and got a nice price with Glover Auction & Livestock!Ryan John




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  • Large crowds at every auction
  • Get top dollar selling with us
  • Amazing team to answer all your questions
  • Expert marketing strategies in play
  • You will always be informed
  • Whatever item, we can sell it
  • Honest hardworking team that’s always ready


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